Red Sails

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

When I'm not in front of the computer I prefer to be floating around on a kayak.

For me to be out alone on the kayak is one of the many privileges I have living in Wellington where we are surrounded by water. So when the opportunity arises I jump into my wetsuit and PFD (personal floating device - very important) grab a rod or two and hit the water.

“It's not always about how many fish you catch - it's also the surroundings and environment we're in.”

It's truly magical to be out on the water at sunset, with only the slightest breeze.

Fishing Kayak

It's true - I did purchase this 'Yak for the purpose of fishing and to bring back fresh fish for the table. I have a Ocean Kayak 4.5m Prowler fully kitted with rod holders and a fish finder (so there's no excuse to not catching any fish)

I'll load so fishy stories and pics as time passes.

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