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Here I'll just put up some random drawings, paintings, photos from my younger years.

Portrait of Dali, pencil on paper, 1990

I guess like any young artist, at the time, I was completely in awe of this man. Seemingly putting ones dreams onto canvas in such a way as to shock, tease and unnerve the viewer. This drawing, however, was part of a Design School project - to interpret a characters face in different media and styles - I'll upload the rest in good time.

“See, I can draw!.”

I was twenty years old when I drew this. When I pulled it out of the filing cabinet downstairs I still had the affection and pride i had for it when I first drew it. My favourite part of it are the loose random line work from the foundation and in particular the collar - Man I can't get enough of that collar!

More to come

Drawings, rambles, photos, paintings, prints.

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